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  1. jim

    Top 50 Tipps for Preppers
    1) Stay away from cities, while the thought of scavenging in the cities may be enticing the danger that may be waiting for you outweighs any benifits.
    2) Use military issue gear, military equipment has undergone vigorius field testing and is made of the highest quality material. It is common to find gear from World War II and Vietnam in army surplus stores still in gerat working condition.
    3) Try to use only NATO and Warsaw pact cartriges, if possible try to use military weapons. If TSHTF the military would likley be involved, if it is any kind of war our enemies would also be here. The AK-47 (7.62 x 39) and M-16 (.223/5.56) are the two most common riffles in the entire world.
    4) Do not use roads to travel, you will be able to be seen from a distance and would be a prime ambush target. Instead shadow a road 100 meters in the woods. Wait till night to cross open areas and rivers. Absolutely avoid bridges at all costs, they would be prime ambush locations and in case of war bridges would likely be destroyed.
    5) Travel by night and sleep by day, it is safer because you will be harder to spot by enemies, you will also save much needed calories by staying out of the heat.
    6) Always assume everyone is your enemy, people will do anything to get what you have, in the beginning of the Iraq War civilians often killed each other over food and water much like the South Vietnamese did when Siagon fell.
    7) If you do decide to make contact with a group or individual do so only after thorough observation.
    8) When scavenging supplies always assume someone is inside a house or building. place a hair or small piece of tape on doors and windows so you will know if anyone has been inside since your last visit.
    9) Never use the same routes over and over, have multiple routes your goal here is not to become predictable just incase you are being watched.
    10) Money will be useless, some Preppers carry precious metals to use as trade wich is a good idea but supplies, food, water and weapons and most of all ammunition will be far more valuble in a post-apocalyptic world.
    11) Take advantage of survival classes in your area as they will be geared twards your particular area of the country.
    12) Try to limmit your weapons to 3 or 4 weapon types, it is sensless to have 20 different weapons with 15 different types of ammunition. A sidearm, assult riffle, shotgun and hunting/sniping riffle should be all that you need. It in also wise to have a silent weapon such as a crossbow or compound bow. Aulthough illegal a m-4/m-16 silencer can be made from a cross-drilled barrel extension, Mag-lite casing, washers and steel wool.
    13) Vehicles are useless so dont waste your time and energy on them. If a EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) does not kill all the starters, gas would shortly run out turning highways and roads into parking lots making them impassable. Also a running vehicle can be heard from a distance attracting unwanted attention.
    14) Always exersise noise and light discipline. Flashlights can be visible for hundreds of feet at night and noise can allert others to your position.
    15) Whenever possible travel in a group of under six people, large groups can make noise and atract unwanted attention.
    16) Use military ammunition cans for storing ammunition with dry packs these will keep the rounds in great firing condition for years. Ammunition cans from World War II are still found with ammunition in firing condition after 70 years.
    17) If you are on a budget and can’t afford a $ 75 dollar a case of MRE’s buy canned goods for a food suply, be shure never to store all of your food in the same place, if need be you can have pre designated stash points around your area.
    18) Avoid stash points near Geocaches, Geocashing is an internet based scavenger hunt game that uses a handheld GPS to hide and find “caches”, in the past few years “Geocachers have acidentally stumbled upon preppers stashes. I reccomend that you check http://www.geocaching.com for geocache locations before hiding your stash. It is also important to keep your stash away from roads and bridges as roadwork and bridgework are constantly being done and your site could get comprimised. Hide your stash deep in the woods or desert away from water to avoid flooding.
    19) Use careful planning while packing your B.O.B. (Bug Out Bag). Don’t carry your whole house carry the survival basics. All BOB’s should have a survival kit, first aid kit, knife,multi tool, fishing kit, a change of clothing, axtra batteries, sidearm, ammunition, water purification bottle and food. Make shure your BOB is specific to your geographical location, you wouldn’t need a goretex sleeping bag in Florida or jungle boots in Alaska.
    20) Have a plan A, B, C, and a plan D if needed and practice often, try to account for every possible scenario and obsticle. Preparing for all possibilities will save you and your family.
    21) In your bug-out plan be logical yes you may be able to travel 50 miles to your bug-out location but could you do it with your wife and kids in tow without transportation.
    22) Society is fragile and can fall apart at a moments notice, even the smallest event can trigger anarchy, just ask the citizens of Vancouver after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011 or Los Angeles after the Rodney King trial. An earthquake, fuel shortage, hurricaine, terrorist attack up to a full scale nuclear war will trigger total anarchy. Always watch the news and stay up to date with world events, knowlege is a prepper’s # 1 ally.
    23) When traveling never stay in one place too long and always have alternate routes to your destination.
    24) Have a seed bank in your supplies, being able to have a substainable food source is a key to survival as well as rebuilding.
    25) Try to brush up on sniper skills and techniques if employed properly, sniping is a force multiplier, two snipers can take out 30 agressors with ease and it can wreak havoc on a enemy’s psyche.
    26) Decide if you are going to bug-in or bug-out, if you live in the country and are already self sufficient you may want to stay put, but if you live in the city wich could easily errupt into chaos you may want to bug-out.
    27) Don’t prep for one catastrophy prep for all of them. O.K. it is highly unlikely that a zombie apocolypse will ever happen but preparing for the worst will save you incase of minor catastrophies. For example if you stockpile food, water, firearms and medical supplies and have a secure fallout shelter in preperation for a nuclear war you will be well prepared for an earthquake or fuel shortage.
    28) Prepping can be expensive as most people in today’s economy that live paycheck to paycheck can attest to, but there are ways to save prepping money. First sell of any unwanted or unuseful belonginngs on ebay or craigslist instead to maximise your chance at getting a better price for your belongings, remember your baseball card collection won’t save your ass when TSHTF. Second frequent flea markets and tag sales as well as shopping on line for supplies. Third buy riffle kits instead of a complete riffles, an AR-15 kit is $500 and the lower reciver is $120 a completer AR-15 is $1,000. Some preppers even take on a part time job and allocate that income twards prepping.
    29) Build a prepper library, remember when the internet is gone so is all the useful information that it contained. All skills that you will need for surviving an apocolypse can be found in books, many field guides also come in small sizes and can easily fit into cargo pockets or packs.
    30) Be careful with fires, smoke can be seen and smelled from a long distance giving away your position. A lit cigarette can be seen at night 1,000 yards away with night vision goggles, imagine how far you can see a fire from with them.
    31) If you are bugging-in use 55 gallon drums under your gutters to collect rain water, this water is not 100% clean but it is not contaminated with radiation it can easily be filtered in order to drink, it can also be used to flush a toilet or to shower with.
    32) Some preppers reccomend keeping a civilian set of clothing in your gear, this is a good idea so that if you must encounter a large group of other people you will not arrouse too much suspission. A person in full BDU’s and ALICE gear may be intimmidating but it will let others know that you are well preppared and may have supplies nearby.
    33) If you have to be in one area for a while conceal the position well, when you do leave have the location appear as it was when you found it. Skilled people will be able to tell what you have and where you are heading just by examining your camp.
    34) Never store your magazines loaded, this will ruin your magazine’s spring, instead put all of your ammunition on stripper clips so that when you need to you can load several magazines in a few minutes.
    35) Go to your local range often and have all of your family members shoot. It is important that everyone know how to break down ,clean and re- assemble all weapons that you have. It is also smart to practice this in the dark as well so that you can perform weapon maitinence at night.
    36) Buy re-loadinng equipment and use brass catchers on your firearms. in a post-apocolyptic world ammunition will be the most valuble commodity on earth.
    37) Practice self defence and have your family learn as well, this way you and your family will be able to defend yourselves when unarmed.
    38) Do not solely rely on freze dried foods, they have a long shelf life but preparing them uses large ammounts of water.
    39) Store uncanned food supplies in rodent proof containers, mice can chew through plastic containers and boxes ruining food supplies.
    40) Most MRE”s only have a 3 to 5 year shelf life so take this into consideration when building up a food supply, the benefit is that if properly rationed one case (12) MRE’s could last one person two weeks.
    41) Many preppers recomend carrying copies of youe drivers liscince, social security card and other important documents. While this is a good idea it is unwise to carry them on your person, especially if you are bugging-in. If you were captured or killed this could lead people back to your family. Store these documents in a hidden location.
    42) Finding good firearms at a reasonable price may be hard to do on a budget but here is one good option, purchasing a weapon on a layaway plan online. Sites like http://www.duckcreekarmory.com have a huge inventory and have no minimum payments as long as the firearm in paid in full in 6 to 12 months.
    43) One of the most important devices you can own is a reaiation detector, if the country is thrown into any disaster nuclear weapons could be used and with no one to man the nuclear power plants you will come into contact with harmfull radiation, knowing when or where it comes from will save your life.
    44) Purchase military issue MOPP gear that includes a gas mask with extra filters, woodland cammo suit, rubber boots and rubber gloves. Make shure you have two sets for each member of your family in according size. Use one set for practice and one for the real deal. These suits will protect you from nuclear, chemical or biological threats. The suits can be found on line of in most army surplus stores. Antrapine shots are also availible but they should be purchased derectly from the manufacter to guarentee it is safe to use.
    45) Military para-cord is a must have for any prepper, the cord and internal cords have hundreds of applications. The fine internal cords can be used as fishing line and trip lines. By securing one end of thr internal line to a tree and the other to the center of a secured chemlight you can make a improvised motion sensor.
    46) Preppers should really keep prepping secret from non-preppers, when TSHTF unpreppered people, even “friends” will become violent when they are desperete and you cannot feed everyone.
    47) Perhaps the most valuble tool a prepper could have is a FLIR scope (Forward Looking Infa-Red). This thermal imaging scope picks up body heat from living beings allowing you to see who or what is in a structure and where in a structure before deciding to enter. They can also attach to a riffle for use as a night scope. Aulthough these scopes are very expensive, being able to detect people long before they can detect you is a huge benefit.
    48) When buying ammunition for your riffle or pistol try whenever possible to purchase military green tip rounds, these are steel core rounds and have far more pennetrating power than lead rounds, Don’t bother with tracer rounds (red of orange tip) because they give away your firing position.
    49) Some people recommend purchasing a hamm radio, in a event of total collapse this may be your only contact with the outside world, you can trade news and if properly rationed one car battery can power a radio for weeks.
    50) It is a great idea to build a network with fellow preppers in your area, share ideas and tips along with other usefull things. Fellow preppers can join in training or even give constructive critisizim and help trouble shoot any problems that you may have.
    51) Don’t work a long distance away from your home, have a plan what if your normal route home is blocked, do you have an alternate way home. Many peppers put travel bikes into the trunk of their vehicle as a back up plan.
    I hope this helps you guys just a few tips I have came up with feel free to add to them or offer feedback, sorry spell check is not working.
    thanks Jim V.

  2. Janet Benoit

    Do you have meetings? Jan

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